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Jack Ray 2022 Ironman Hawaii Race Report

Kona..... The minute I walked off the plane I was whacked in the face by the hot windy humid air, I knew this island was a different kind of beast. After riding out past the volcanic rock with my best mate Bern on Sunday arvo I realised just how tough this race was going to [...]

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Cameron Arnold 2022 Hawaiian Ironman Race Report

When I started my Ironman journey last year, Kona wasn’t even on my radar – I just wanted to finish one. Fast forward 16 months and I found myself lining up alongside the best triathletes in the world in the famous waters of Kailua Bay, Kona. We waited for the start and it was all [...]

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Bernie McDowell 2022 Hawaiian Ironman Race Report

  That was brutal! Without a doubt the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life. This race has to be one of the toughest single day sporting events in the world. The suffering the island inflicts will be something I won’t forget in a hurry. The island itself is incredible. It truly is the [...]

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2018 Ironman Western Australia

2018 Ironman Western Australia Results: The Kona Crew:       Trent Dawson Trent had a great day finishing 4th in his Age Group with a time of 9hr 27min. This not only secured Trents second Hawaiian Ironman Qualification, this result was also 30min faster than Trent has gone over the Ironman Distance. Fantastic work [...]

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Gary Johnstone 2018 Hawaiian Ironman Race Report

Kona Race Report I’m not usually one for race reports but a few people have been asking and I figure this race is bit of an exception... In terms of personal achievements this ranked right up there with my under 13 most determined award for the Ashburton Redbacks Jnr FC. I’ll start with the good [...]

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Stephen Hill Hawaiian Ironman Race Report

Ironman World Championships - Kona. It wasn’t my fastest but it was definitely the most satisfying. I came here with one goal - getting it done and so happy to have done it. I had a decent swim then took a fairly conservative approach on my strongest leg, the bike. Got into the run and [...]

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Nathan Sandford Ironman Hawaii Race Report

Kona v3 I’ve never done a race report before. But due to the massive support and good wishes I received,I thought I might try to share my day and the feelings involved when racing in Kona🤙 0415 alarm, surprisingly slept like a baby. Usually I wake up several times to check I haven’t missed the [...]

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Steve Richards Sunshine Coast 70.3 Race Report

I’ve done lots of races, but this one is extra sweet. I’ve tried and tried to crack the 5hr mark over the 70.3 and constantly fell short. Then in April I signed up with Xavier Coppock from TEAM Tri Coaching and things have never been better.   The change in approach to my programming along [...]

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2018 Ironman Cairns & 70.3 Cairns Race Report

Ironman Cairns 2018   We had 100% finish rate once again which is great credit to the athletes who toed the start line.   Nathan Sandford -   Sandy was the first TEAM athlete across the line in 9hr 24min. Sandy finished 7th in his age group and also qualified for the Hawaiian Ironman World [...]

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2018 Ironman Philipines Race Report

Skye Richmonds Race report for Ironman Phillipines 2018 Overall.  Consistent and felt like there were no surprises and had 'safe' swim/bike. .. I didn't 'break' myself.. ie. All felt like it was 'on plan'.. nutrition great. What I Learnt. Need to keep chasing. I didn't expect to catch anyone so didn't try. I kept maintaining [...]

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