I joined T.E.A.M Tri Coaching at the start of 2014 and have never looked back. Not only have I met an amazing group of people but I have achieved goals that previously I only dreamed of. My coach Xavier knows me, and I have 100% faith that the program he writes me will lead me to more success. Do yourself a favour a join the #orangearmy.

Zoe Clark (Ironman Age Group Winner & Ironman World Championship Qualifier)

“I have trained under the guidance of Xavier Coppock for one year now, Xavier has customized my program to the specific race I am preparing for.  This year I have dramatically improved my cycling strength gaining me 4th place at Port Macquarie Ironman and a new PB. Xavier’s training formula includes; a swim specific coach, run sessions covering technique, hills, speed and endurance, group and individual specific TT and road rides and the right amount of recovery. With so much variety on my training program my motivation to qualify for Ironman World Championships has never been better.

I am so close to achieving my goal and I believe that by surrounding myself with a T.E.A.M of top age groupers, pros and Kona qualifiers; this will only better my chance of improvement and ultimately secure a qualifying place. Thanks Xavier and the squad at T.E.A.M Tri Coaching.”

– Ella Davies (Ironman Finisher)

“I joined TEAM TRI coaching just 8 months ago post my move to Australia from NZ.  Xavier has worked with me, going above and beyond to help transition me from age group triathlete to first year professional triathlete over both half and full Iron-distance racing.  With some big goals, Xavier has supported me every step of the way and never fails to make me work hard to get the results I am after.  With 2 x top 5 finishes and a top 10 finish in my first 3 x professional races I know that I am with the right coach and am excited for the journey ahead.  I have also had the privilege of meeting an amazing group of people and forming some great friendships with TEAM TRI.”

– Vanessa Murray (Pro Triathlete, 2 x Top 10 Ironman Finishes)

“About 18 months ago I stumbled across triathlon after having played Aussie Rules Football most of my life. I missed the competition and the comradely that comes with playing a team sport like football. I was searching for something to motivate me and I knew I needed to make changes to my lifestyle.  I had put on weight since finishing playing football and did not feel healthy or as strong as I once did. This triathlon business was completely foreign – hadn’t swam laps of a pool for years (let alone open water swimming), hadn’t ridden a bike since I got rid of the BMX as a kid and only ran when there was a football to be won. However, after fumbling around for a year with Gatorade Sprints I came across TEAM Tri Coaching through Carmen Atkinson, now my coach.

Through Carmen, Xavier and the incredibly supportive TEAM coaches and athletes I began a journey to transform myself into the best triathlete that I could be – this continues today. In one year since joining TEAM, I have completed 3 Half Ironman’s (taking over 40 minutes off my best time), multiple Half Marathons (taking over 15 minutes off my best time) and a Full Ironman (Cairns 2016). In October 16’ I plan to run the Melbourne Marathon and then in November 16’ I plan to run the New York Marathon. None of this would have been possible without TEAM. I have lost approx. 15 kgs and feel strong and healthy again. I have never considered myself athletic, just stubborn and determined. It is true that TEAM have World Champion triathletes and AGE Group winners – but they also have guys and girls like me.

If you want to make changes to your lifestyle, feel healthy again and are prepared to work hard and be motivated by inspiring people, then TEAM Tri Coaching is for you.”

– Julian Sill (Ironman Finisher)

“Based in Cairns, I joined TEAM Tri coaching in September 2015 under Coach Nathan ‘Sandy’ Sandford. During my time with Sandy, he has guided me from an athlete contempt with collecting another finisher’s medal, to now competing for the podium in my age group, which included a 95 minute PB in Ironman Cairns 2016. I can’t thank him enough for helping me realise my dreams of competing in Kona and continually pushing me beyond what I thought I could do. Sandy is not only a mate but a mentor that I look up to in the sport, which is especially significant for me being so young in the sport at 23 years old. I highly recommend joining the TEAM Tri group if you want to be part of a successful and welcoming group.”

– Tom Gersekowski (Ironman Age Group Winner & Ironman World Championship Qualifier)

“Since joining TEAM, there is no question I have improved as an athlete and person. The culture that has been created ensures everyone, no matter their ability or goals, is made to feel welcome and brings out the best in you in every session. The coaching provided by Xavier Coppock is exceptional and you get way more than oh pay for. He is passionate about his craft and has a genuine interest in ensuring he brings the best out of his athletes. The time he puts into each athlete, especially during the late stages of a prep before a big race, gives you piece of mind that you will be ready once you got that start line. Each program is individually suited to each person’s needs. There is definitely no ‘cookie cutter’ approach or doing the same sessions as others, which is so important. If you’re looking to finish your first triathlon, qualifying for Kona or going all the way and winning your age group at Kona, then TEAM is the place for you.”

– Ryan Twist (Ironman World Championship Qualifier)