Ironman World Championships – Kona.

It wasn’t my fastest but it was definitely the most satisfying.

I came here with one goal – getting it done and so happy to have done it. I had a decent swim then took a fairly conservative approach on my strongest leg, the bike.

Got into the run and it wasn’t until about the 8km that I got an appreciation of how hot it was. Especially for someone who has trained the last 5 months in sub 14 degree temps! From there on it was an aid station to aid station proposition. Running to each aid station then walking through dousing myself in ice water and sucking down ice cold Gatorade while stuffing ice sponges into my tri suit.

Out on the Queen K with about 7kms to go the big fella Xavier Coppock rode up and followed me home keeping me running and ensuring I did enough to get under 11hs. Through the dance party on the last hill, down Palani and out onto Ali’i drive was a bucket list experience that made the pain worthwhile. Crossing that line was a moment I’ll never forget. The whole experience is amazing and it is such a well run special event


Massive thank you to Xavier Coppock for getting me here and getting me through with limited running in the lead up. You’re a legend!

My family who came across to support me on this trip. It has been a memorable trip and you have been great support. All the well wishers, friends and family back home, Thank you.

Simona Hill and my boys massive thank you and love to you for letting me do this. I’m back!

Now let’s enjoy the rest of this holiday.