Skye Richmonds Race report for Ironman Phillipines 2018


Consistent and felt like there were no surprises and had ‘safe’ swim/bike. .. I didn’t ‘break’ myself.. ie. All felt like it

was ‘on plan’.. nutrition great.

What I Learnt.

Need to keep chasing. I didn’t expect to catch anyone so didn’t try. I kept maintaining my position rather than chasing. If I feel threatened I some how find more in the tank.


(1.11 consistent and nothing special. . Largely solo)
Started at front of section. . Probably 30th across the start line.  Kept focus on stroke.  Found feet on and off for the first 1.2km but nothing solid. Didn’t push but aimed at taking it steady. Certainly wasnt  burning any matches.

T1. Long run.

No drama. I see Deanna and Rebecca have gone.


(5.50 . Conservative.  Saved by the storm.  Nutrition and hydration focus.  All to plan but pwer a little lower than hoped)
Saw one female early on but didn’t feel like I had anyone to chase. (although stats indicate that I passed a few in the first 90km) Very long and drawn out course.
Took it easy up the first hill as hr was at 165+ and had been told its step and felt too hot. Didn’t let 20sec av power get above 165. Also tried to keep on 3sec avg and would try to keep that inner 170w.
Stopped at 42km station to top up btle 1 and refill btl2 (2elect). Tested whether Gatorade bottles fit. They did! Great!
Storm came and that got hr down.  So felt able to lift the power closer to mid 150s.
75km . Btle 2 water swapped. Then salt tablet.
Had some times of being able to just head down and go and others I struggled to get at 130w.


Bit muddy.  All smooth sailing.. made sure I had every thing. Nutrition in zip lock bag and then stuffed down top while running seemed to work really well. .(but Wish there was sunscreen! )


(4.00.20. Dipped at the 25km mark but still held strong. Need to learn whose in ag more!)
Easy 5.20 first 15km until airprt.
Aid. .
Ice in hands. . Sponges in tp and every 3rd aid station had a ‘bath’.

19km turn saw Bec and Shannon were about 500m ahead.

Consciously said to keep it smooth and know that I’d catch them but that it was too early to go too hard. .
Caught Shannon on way back out to the airport circa 25km mark which put me into 4th.
Thought I caught another girl at 29km. But turns out she was in a diff age group .
Going up airport (27km) focus was not walking! Just kept plugging away.  Legs just wouldn’t go faster.
From 30km thought I was in either 2nd or 3rd… there’s a drop in hr (and seemingly effort here… lack of motivation? Push? ).. 35km was then telling myself that is just a park run. ..

At 40km saw the chick I thought was my ag and so picked it up telling myself she could have started behind and was able to  pick up the pace.

4th ag
6th ameteur female