Thank you for all the support I’ve received in the last 24 hours. My head has probably popped up enough in your news feeds so I’ll try to keep it short.

I’ve only been in the triathlon game a short time but it sure is rewarding!

I had a goal this year of completing a Half Ironman, but I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t do things by halves ?

Yesterday/ last night was amazing. Ironman would have to be one of the most challenging sports out there. To look at what I’ve achieved in the past six months is something I’m extremely proud of. Thank you to Xavier Coppock and everyone at Team Tri Coaching. I definitely wouldn’t be here without you!

Thanks also to my rock Christie. She saw me exit the water, pass by on the bike twice and was there for all four of my run laps. Your support on the day helped immensely!