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2018 Ironman Cairns & 70.3 Cairns Race Report

Ironman Cairns 2018   We had 100% finish rate once again which is great credit to the athletes who toed the start line.   Nathan Sandford -   Sandy was the first TEAM athlete across the line in 9hr 24min. Sandy finished 7th in his age group and also qualified for the Hawaiian Ironman World [...]

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2018 Ironman Philipines Race Report

Skye Richmonds Race report for Ironman Phillipines 2018 Overall.  Consistent and felt like there were no surprises and had 'safe' swim/bike. .. I didn't 'break' myself.. ie. All felt like it was 'on plan'.. nutrition great. What I Learnt. Need to keep chasing. I didn't expect to catch anyone so didn't try. I kept maintaining [...]

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Ironman Australia Race Report

WOW, What a weekend for the TEAM Tri Coaching athletes. With 2 athletes achieving their ultimate goal in two different races across the world, we simply couldn't be prouder. Ofcourse not every athlete had the day they set out for, however the simple fact that 100% of TEAM Tri Coaching athletes finished the race with [...]

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Ironman New Zealand Race Report

The weekend was jammed packed full of great results so we are going to spread them over 2 posts. Long Course and Short Course. We will start with Ironman NZ We had 7 athletes toe the start line all with individual expectations. Having all 7 athletes finish the race is simply a credit to each [...]

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Challenge Melbourne 2018 Race Report

What a weekend on all accounts. The weather was stunning and conducive for fast racing at Challenge Melbourne and the athletes did not disappoint. Challenge Melbourne: New TEAM Athlete Miguel Olarte lead the way with a 4.14 time (incl a puncture on the bike) - Impressive Stuff Mig.. This was good enough for a 7th [...]

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Breaking Down Your Race

When racing Long Course Triathlons, we at TEAM thought we would share some advice on how to break down your race so you don't get overwhelmed. We coach first timers through to podium contenders and are aware of the pressures that athletes place on themselves (we've been there before). Athletes often over think race plans [...]

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2017 IMWA Race Report

2017 Ironman Western Australia TEAM Tri Coaching Race Report This edition of Ironman Western Australia was like no other. The swim was cancelled due to a shark sighting, which was handled very professionally by Ironman. The weather also decided to play a factor with the hot temperatures causing a bushfire on the course and some [...]

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Vanessa Murray IMNZ 2016

Ironman New Zealand 2016 was a special day for me, for a number of different reasons, but the most obvious being that it was my first full Iron distance race as a professional, following my debut as a professional in the half distance at Challenge Melbourne in January.  I was going into IMNZ with some specific [...]

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