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Coaching Pricing & Packages

T.E.A.M Coaching offers individually tailored coaching programs along with group based training sessions.

Based on a 4 week coaching cycle, T.E.A.M Coaching has a few different options that you can choose from, including multiple coaches. All T.E.A.M coaches are experienced athletes themselves so understand everything that goes along with competing and training in triathlon.

Head Coach Xavier Coppock charges $300 for the “Local Athlete Competition Package”. Other coaches charge this service out at $260. This pricing is based on experience.



* Group based training sessions incorporate Triathlon Clubs, T.E.A.M Coaching sessions and various swim squads.

* Venues vary to allow all athletes within the region to train close to home. (see Training Timetable)

* The only extra cost is pool entry / swim squad.   All other group sessions are totally free of charge subject to chosen package

Whether it is by correspondence or locally based you can be assured that you will get the program that suits your life.

To find out which coach will be the best for you of have a question for us send your questions through our contact us page.