Kane Roach

What a day! Was traveling well at 135k mark of the bike then had a mechanical. Long wait for bike mechanic, tells me my day is over. After some persuasion he calls his mate to come have a look, mate gets me back on the road which allowed me to get to the finish line!!! Was one of the most satisfying feelings running down the finish chute after being told it was all over half way into the race. Goo…d karma is coming to the bike mech! Amazing course, amazing support and amazing people here in NZ. Big thanks to all my training buddies and to coach Xavier Coppock who is a great coach and not a bad mate! Thanks to all for your calls and messages, the support has been overwhelming.

Barney Sommerville

Well that didn’t go quite to plan… Thanks everyone who supported and wished me luck! Swim was solid went through in 53! 5th in ag and 32 overall. Had an lightning T1! The bike went to plan at the start rode up to 15th overall ag by 90kms felt strong and solid then at 100ish the pelotons came by… After riding most of the start solo then trying to ride with the groups my quads went pop bang ouch at 120. Then it was pain into the headwind to the end. Spewing no TA was spotted on that lap… The run started well still going to plan but after the 1st lap she went real pear shaped! But I ran the last 2kms!!!! So all in all it was a brutal bike and run but happy to finish! Thanks again for all the support!

Luke Stratford

Ironman NZ done and dusted! Although I would have liked to go a tad quicker, a 4min penalty early on the bike really made it hard for me from the get go. Spent a lot of energy trying to get back in a good position but still ran a good marathon so all is not lost. Finished in 9hrs 50mins which put me 8th in my age group and 60th overall. Highly unlucky that will get me to Hawaii but ill go to the roll down tomorrow and see what happens. Considering my result was off an 8 week preparation I’m proud of what my coach Xavier Coppock and I have achieved in such a short time. Massive thank you to everyone for my messages of support and my amazing family who sacrifice so much to let me train and race ironman.