Adam McCarthy 

Race day recap

WOW what a day yet again, The day began in somewhat better conditions than last year so the swim was the full 3.8k and I was happy about that, due to the reduced swim last year I still feel that I had not completed a full ironman, I still had something to prove to myself.

This time last year I had big expectations for yesterday’s race, but given the circumstances and my somewhat …interrupted preparation I am thrilled with my result. And I have so many people to thank for this.
To everyone a part of and associated with TEAM tri coaching thank you all so much for all your support and patients with me, the countless hours spent out on the training track getting each other through each and every session has created a special bond that will link us forever and to be able to share this day with you all is a privilege. Your commitment and determination is amazing!!
To all my Family and friends thank you all for your support and encouragement, it really does help to keep me going each day.
To Coach Xavier Coppock well what can I say you have been amazing through all of this, you were there for me as a friend in support and a coach through my recovery and in both roles continually working not only to do what is best for me but also get the best out of me and I can’t thank you enough.
But most of all Reece, Alex and my adorable wife Keily McCarthy. You have been there by my side through this journey every step of the way. Through nursing me in recovery to supporting the hours upon hours spent away from home out training. This isn’t just a one day event its months on end and I can’t thank you enough. And Keily to have you pop up all over the course yesterday screaming encouragement just when I needed it most was amazing, from pulling over on the freeway to wave to on the bike leg to randomly appearing in every second side street on the run. Just when I felt giving up you were there to remind me why I was there.
To all the volunteers and people of Melbourne that came out to watch and offer support yet again you made me feel like you were all there for me, and to every kid that bothered to put out there hand for a high 5. You have all helped to create yet another amazing experience thank you all.
And not to forget aid station 19 YOU ROCK!!!!
Yesterday was one very special and emotional day and I you all to thank for this. I am so luck to have you all in my life. THANK YOU!!!!
Its time to take a little break now and let the body recover properly, but lookout ironman, I’ll be back.

Jody Gilchrist

Race brief

3.8 km Swim 1:09 6th
Surprised myself, not fast but faster than I have ever done.
T1 too long nice to see Nicci though.
180 km Bike 5:29 2nd new bike and a lot of extra kilometres, last 25k was tough into the wind.
T2 also too long, I’m a little too social with the gorgeous vollies.
42.2 km Run 3:45 1st, this was the hardest marathon I have ever run, both physically and mentally. I had a shorter and reduced run prep due to injury management. Faded badly but stuck to my no walking goal!
Total 10:33 2nd

Jerome Peyton

Well I’m glad that’s over! Had a good day out there, swim 57, ride 5:08, run 4:44, put it all together with some transition times and I came out with 11:00:02! First person in the 11’s – damn!!!!  TEAM had a fantastic day, particularly with our guru Xavier Coppock absolutely kicking arse. Truly inspirational.