WOW, What a weekend for the TEAM Tri Coaching athletes.

With 2 athletes achieving their ultimate goal in two different races across the world, we simply couldn’t be prouder.

Ofcourse not every athlete had the day they set out for, however the simple fact that 100% of TEAM Tri Coaching athletes finished the race with their heads held high and their attitudes amazing was simply impressing.

We head to the 70.3 St George results first where Peter Coombe qualified for the 70.3 World Champs.

Peter has been consistent in his approach always working on ways to improve his running so one day he and Jo (his wife) could race a World Championship race together.

Jo had already booked her ticket and was supportive of Pete throughout his training and preparation and as it turned out, they both got to cross the finish line together.

Both Peter and Jo crossed the line in 5hr 25min and some change.

To be a part of this achievement for Pete has been a pleasure.

Now time to focus on that run so that Pete has an all round race.

Locally at Ironman Australia where TEAM Tri Coaching had 6 Athletes in the Ironman and 3 athletes in the 70.3 toe the start line with Kona hopefuls, first timers and others with individual goals.

Stephen Hill also achieved his goal of qualifying for a World Championship place – this time in the Ironman distance. Hilly missed a place at Ironman Western Australia last year by 1 spot.

He rested, reset and did everything he could to be ready for Ironman Australia. Only being in the Sport for 2 short years and only his 3rd Ironman (2nd Full one as WA was cut short) his achievement shows that there is no substitute for consistency.

Digging deep on the last lap saw Hilly run into 7th position in his age group crossing the line in 10hr 12min and that position was good enough to obtain a Spot for Hawaii – You little Ripper!

Adam Wills had the goal of breaking 10hrs with a sub 3hr 30min run. We got that 50% right. Adam’s own admission of a poor swim cost him that swim 10hr time (this time ) at Ironman Australia.

Adam crossed the line in 10hr and 29sec – oh so close. The impressive part of Adams day was his run leg as he managed that sub 3.30 marathon with a 3hr 29min 6 sec time.

After post race chats we both agreed that he has a lot more to give in Ironman and we look forward to the next chapter of improvements.

Peter Frew who was also aiming for that elusive Kona Ticket. Pete has only been in the sport 18months and is starting to knock on that door.

Pete had a super consistent day and managed his fastest IM time to date with a 10hr 6min and his first Sub 4 Marathon – this was good enough to finish 14th in his age group.

A few slight changes is all that is required for Pete to be saying Aloha in the near future.

First Time IM athlete Matt Bull pieced together a great race to cross the line in 10hrs 51min and 12th in his age group.

Bully was super consistent across all 3 disciplines with a 1hr 6min swim, 5hr 34min bike and a 4hr 2min Run. There are so many positives that came out of Matt’s race and the simple fact that he enjoyed the entire process is the main thing.

We know that Bully has already started his next IM journey, however it is on hold until after his wedding and honeymoon later in the year. Super Effort Matt!

Our Super endurance Junky Brad “GJ” Pokroy once again proved that anything is possible. Brad only started in the sport in September of 2017 and has gone head first straight into the deep end.

In that time, Pokroy has completed 2 x IM, 2 x 70.3, ridden from Melbourne to Adelaide (700 odds ks), ridden around Tasmania (too many k’s) and has done this all injury free with a smile on his face.

On the Weekend, Brad crossed the line in 11hr 52min!

It’s now time for Brad to rest for a while before we start looking at some goals for him for improvement.

Craig Thwaites‘ effort was second to none. Thwaitesy has diabetes, a very active family and is a successful businessman. His attitude and commitment is up there with the best athletes going around.

On the weekend, Craig had a super tough day as having diabetes and doing IM are prob not two things you’d expect.

Crossing the line in 12hr 45min was a super effort which took so much mental strength to keep pushing until the end. After crossing the finish line, Craig ended up in Emergency to get the right treatment post race.

We couldn’t be prouder for you effort!

In the 70.3 event we had 3 guys give their all to see their current fitness levels.

Trent Dawson lead the crew with a 4hr 36min (8th 35-39), followed by Nathan Parker with a 4hr 49min (15th 40-44) and Nate Chellew with a 4hr 58min (26th 35-39)

As a coach all you can ask for is commitment and a great attitude from your athletes and that is what EVERY single person above did. You all should be super impressed with your efforts.

We also want to Congratulate Benjamin “Button” Bell for yet again lighting up the course with a sub 9 effort. Benny has been a very valuable part of TEAM Tri Coaching over the years winning Hawaii and also finsihing third there whist in the TEAM program.

Siobhan McCloskey also won her age group (also won it in WA where she took her Kona ticket) – Shiv has also been a member of TEAM Tri Coaching over the last few years and it’s a credit to both her and her Coach James Debenham for the exceptional results that they have pieced together.