What a weekend on all accounts.

The weather was stunning and conducive for fast racing at Challenge Melbourne and the athletes did not disappoint.

Challenge Melbourne:

New TEAM Athlete Miguel Olarte lead the way with a 4.14 time (incl a puncture on the bike) – Impressive Stuff Mig.. This was good enough for a 7th in the 30-34.

Next across the line was Steve Natoli in 4.16. Steve is also new to TEAM and with a short build managed his 2nd fastest 1/2 Distance time ever.. Awesome work Nugget!

Another new Athlete – Jack Wheatley has gone ahead leaps and bounds since joining TEAM in March. Once again off a short prep, Jack crossed the line in 4.17 and wiped off close to 20min from his previous best time.

Ryann Mills also had a stellar day with a 4.21 – PB also. Ryann had 3 solid disciplines and the next block of training will lift him to the next step.

These 4 boys are in great shape as we start to continue their builds for Ironman Cairns.

Skye Richmond broke the magical 5hr mark for the first time crossing in 4hr50min. This was the perfect confidence builder for Skye who has ticked off every box to date and now hits her final phase for Ironman Phillipines.

Stephen Hill, Brad Pokroy & Matt Bull (Team runner) all wrapped up their preps for Ironman Australia with very impressive results.

Hilly crossed in 4hr 25min and after a big day Saturday training, the joy of crossing the finish line also meant the prep has hit taper.. Awesome work mate!

Brad “GJ” Pokroy simply gets better every race he starts.. After a 4hr 58min 70.3 Geelong, Pokroy crossed this race in 4hr 45min – Super Work.. Brad is also coming off IMNZ where he completed his first Ironman race.

4 athletes enjoyed their return to racing after a variety of reasons on the sidelines.

Stacey Katelis had her first race since Ironman WA in 2016 and in this race, Stace smiled the entire way and crossed in 5hr 31min.. The Big question is… What is next??

Georgie Camakaris had her first race in the Sprint Distance after a long spell recovering from surgery. Now Georgie is back on the race track, we look forward to seeing the gains again.

Peter Coulson was unfortunately ill leading into Geelong so he didn’t start and that hampered the preparation into Challenge, we decided the best course of action was to hit the sprint distance and finished with a top 10 result.. Great work PC!

Jay Weston dusted off the P3 after a stint playing footy again last year and had the goal of a sub 5.. Westo as normal got the job done and crossed in 4.47 which also was a huge PB.

John Moses also had a great day out and crossed in 7hr 14min which evened the score as last start here, JJ dnf’d

In the TEAM event, Owen, Gary & Matt finished 3rd male team crossing in 4.06.. To this date, no TEAM Tri team has accomplished breaking the magical 4hr mark, which three will be the first to do this?

Jason Daye also rode in a team and had a very handy 2hr 12min ride to his name – awesome work!

Twilight 1/2 Marathon

Steve Axelson ran sub 4’s the entire way to finish with a 5min pb in 1hr 23min – super effort

Darrell Giles is once again knocking on the door of the sub 90 crossing in 1he 33min. Like a good wine Darrell

Stephen Rinaldo completed his first ever triathlon. Stephen has only started swimming recently and open water swimming has been a huge fear, so being able to conquer this is super impressive!

Congrats to everyone above!